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Google Showing Off Chrome OS This Thursday


  For the past week or so many have believed that Google’s Chrome OS would be available within a week or two.  While this may or may not be true, one thing is for sure, we get to see it in action on Thursday or I should say some people do.  Google is hosting an event this week at its headquarters in Mountain View, Ca. 

Hopefully Google does a beta like all of their other products.  

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Palm Pixi Gets Its First Reviews

  The Palm Pixi is a very slick and tasty design.  The major problem, it has no wifi, a slower processor than its sibling and still no video.  The price seems right for the Pixi, but instead of give you a bunch of opinions before I have had it in my meaty clutches, check out some of the reviews of Palms newest WebOS device.  See the links after the jump:

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Official Licensing of NIN on Tap Tap Revenge on iPhone and iPod Touch


  Tap Tap Revenge has been an app for the iPod touch and iPhone since the first jailbreak had taken place on Apple’s hardware.  The game is a simplified version of Guitar Hero and allows you to add your songs and play to them.  Now Nine Inch Nails has officially allowed Tapulous to use their songs for an upcoming version of the app, which should be available in October.  The NIN version will include 12 songs and a theme surrounding NIN.  The company also said to expect more artists in the future.


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