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Xbox 360- Elegant Edition Ads Class And Silence To Your Gaming Experience

  The current version of the Xbox 360 with its inhale concept is fairly nice in the way of design, that is until you turn it on.  The rushing fans creating a roar that makes the gaming experience sound like you’re in a wind tunnel can be gone for good with the elegant edition.  This case mod brings back the boxy DVR or VCR look of times past, but ads a very valuable 3 fan setup to create a near silent experience.  

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iPhone 3.0-Beta 4 & iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release Is Now Available For Devs


  If you have paid your $99 and have access to the development kit for iPhone, then you can now get the most recent update.  The iPhone SDK 3.0-Beta 4 and iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release are now available.  While we do not have a lot of details regarding the updates, we do know that in order to activate the iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 firmware you must already have iTunes 8.2 installed.  We will be sure to update you of any significant changes should they come our way.


[UPDATE]  According to a post on MacRumors

 "One forum poster points out that the latest iTunes 8.2 beta carries references to Blu-Ray data from Gracenote, suggesting that iTunes could support the reading/recognizing of Blu-Ray discs. This note is not present in the current version of iTunes"


[Apple Dev]

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MacBook Pro Requires Logout For Video Switching


  The new MacBook Pro is something of a classic at this point when you consider the design has not changed that much in years. The one new thing that is very different from before is the dual video processors within the Pro.  The new MacBook allows you to switch between processors to allow for better graphics power or better battery performance.  The one bad thing about this process is you have to logout of the MacBook once you switch and then back in.  


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