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New BlackBerry Spotted, Similar to Storm

  A new BlackBerry has been spotted in the blurry photo above.  The device is similar to the storm in that it has a touch interface, but looks like it also has a real qwerty keyboard.  The BlackBerry is scheduled to be announced at the upcoming WES 2009.  The new device is similar to the Curve in size and at this point there is no announcement of date. 


If the Storm is not for you for lack of the true tacttile keyboard, this new one could be for you.


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True Picture of 4th Gen iPod Nano Revealed, Same Old Connector

  There has been a ton of posts lately with pictures of the 4th Gen iPod.  None of the picture have shown the connectors on the bottom. Speculation about the connectors have been listed to have a standard USB cable connection.  If this picture proves to be true, the iPod Nano has a normal proprietary iPod connector on the bottom.  


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