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Deals.Woot Offers Wooters A Community For The Best Deals

  In case you have not Wooted before, Woot! offers a daily deal for a random product.  Sometimes the deal is a great deal and other times it has a decent price, but is nothing you would ever want.  Now enter Deals.Woot!  The new site offers members of its community a way to find the best deals by submitting them, voting on them and occasionally selling the deal.  The community can even suggest an item to Woot!  All of this sounds very interesting and my brief time with it shows some pretty decent deals.

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Apple Store Up With Black Friday Savings In The US


  The US Apple Store is back with their Black Friday savings.  They are consistent with past Black Friday sales and are offering some decent deals.  You can find some better deals at Best Buy or Mac Mall however.


The savings are:


iMac -$51.00 off

New MacBook – $101 off

iPod Classic – $21.00 off

iPod Touch – $21.00 off

iPod Nano – $21.00 off

Apple TV – $21.00 off


Not great deals, but they are deals. 


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