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Squareup Brings Credit Card Scanner To Your Phone

 Need to accept credit cards, but don’t want the hassle or expense of having that large credit card machine?  Squareup is offering a very interesting solution.  With a simple accessory that fits into the headphone jack on your phone, you can now scan payment cards.  After you have made the sale and scanned the card you can then text or email the receipt to your customer.  Squareup is also donating a penny for every transaction you make to a cha

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Dell Selling Your Next OSX Ready Mini 9 For $199 For 24 Hours


  You have been waiting for a deal like this to push you over the edge in getting a hackintoshable netbook that also has the benefit of being update-able when running OSX.  The Dell Mini-9 is available for $199 for the next 22 hours or so or until 11:59PM on March 25th.  Get it while you can and make sure to have a couple USB thumb drives and a Leopard install disc to get your new Mac…I mean Dell, up and running.


[Dell – Mini-9]

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