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You Love Your iPhone, Now Show Everyone Else Just How Much

  You knew something like this would come along at some point.  While walking about, working or going about your daily routine, why not show your love of iPhone or even iPod touch.  You can now sport these very fashionable iPhone/iPod Touch button earrings for everyone to see.  The price is reasonable, but we would imagine that only the absolute die hard fans would want to wear these, no?


Get your set now at [Powerbookmedic] for just $14.95

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Fox Releases More DVD’s with DRM for iTunes

  There have been a few DVD’s released that have digital copies of the movie itself ready for use in iTunes. If you have not come across any, the reason is due to studios trying to maintain their hold on the content you already own.  Lately though the movie studios have realized we are going to rip the DVD’s if they don’t anyway.  The DVD’s now come with a digital copy, DRM protected that can be used in iTunes and moved to your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.  While this is a step in the right direction, DRM is definitely not.  


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