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New Apple Patent Explains A Tablet-Based Mac


  We have heard this about a thousand times now and Apple keeps denying it.  This is the fact that a tablet-based Mac is in the works.  There is no doubt Apple has been toying with the idea or has at least once, as they have a research department.  The new patent describes the following:



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LG Signs Deal With Apple For Their Displays


  Apple has signed a deal with LG for their display technology.  The deal begins with a payment from Apple of $500 million and will last 5 years.  The implications for both companies could be quite large.  LG will benefit in obvious ways, but Apple may benefit from a more cost effective display for a more pocket-friendly cinema display or maybe even their own TV’s, which had been rumored in the past..  The details at this point are sparse, but it will be interesting to see what product changes, if any come from this deal in the future.

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