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Ferrari Gives Us Images & Ringtones For iPhone – 458 Italia


  Who doesn’t like Ferrari?  Yes there are some out there who are not fans, but they are few and far between.  With the upcoming release of the 458 Italia comes desktop wallpaper, a screensaver,  and ringtones for your iPhone.  While there is no doubt the 458 Italia is beautiful, most of us will never get the luxury of owning such an expensive vehicle.  If you would like to experience a little bit of it though you can head over to the Ferrari site and download ringtones for your iPhone and other mobile devices as well as Mac and PC.  Hopefully more companies will get it and give us the same downloads for their cars for us who love our cars.


[Ferrari 458 Italia]

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EMI Gives iTunes Its First Subscription Service – iTunes Pass


  For those of us who know all about music passes and have longed for such a service in iTunes, the beginning has just begun.  EMI has a launched a short-term subscription service that allows continuous content to be downloaded from Depeche Mode until June 16th 2009.  Apple has named this service "iTunes Pass" allowing its subscribers to get regular downloads of those they get a pass from.


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Nintendo DSi Comes to Fruition Along With Punch Out


  Nintendo announced early this morning, or late at night depending on your time zone, the new DS.  The DS i has a bigger screen at 3.25 inches, internal memory for downloads and a built in camera.  The other announcement includes Punch Out for Wii as well as a few others.  Nintendo also announced a memory solution for the Wii in the form of 1GB sandisk SD cards.  The DSi is available in Japan on November 1st for approximately $180.


[Videos Here

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NBC Already Has 1 Million Downloads on Itunes Since Return


  NBC has come back to iTunes as most know and for good reason.  In the short time they have been back, 1 million downloads have been made from NBC and their different properties.  They must have noticed that it is not a good idea to try and compete with Itunes at this time and they were loosing a lot of potential cash.  Now if only they would realize they would make more money if they charged less, we would be all set.


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