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DirecTV Launching New 3dHD Channel

  DIrecTV will soon be making an announcement regarding a whole new way to watch broadcast TV, in 3D.  The current lineup of Satellite Receievers the company makes available to its customers will support the new channel with a simple firmware upgrade.  The downside to this whole 3D push is that the channel will require you to purchase a new 3D capable TV.  There aren’t any details at this time, but we should head something more from CES on January 7th.

[via DViCE]

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WWDC Sessions Available on iTunes


  As of yesterday Apple has made available sessions from the World Wide Developers Conference for your viewing pleasure.  If you were unable to attend in June, you can now catch up on all you missed.  The one downside to all the WWDC goodness is the price is about the same as attending the conference in person. Each session with run you a slim $299- $499 of your hard earned income.  This could be of value you to you thought if you are in fact a developer.  


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Otterbox Defender (Strength Series) For iPod Nano – Review

 The Defender Strength Series from Otterbox is not just about protecting your latest gadget, but also about helping those in need.  The Strength Series is Pink and for good reason.  Every time you purchase one of the cases from this series, 10% of the cost goes to fight breast cancer.  From the Otterbox Site:  “By pur

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New Zune 16gb and 120gb Leak

  The moment you have all been waiting for, the new Zune uncovered. The pictures comes to us via someone in Canada.  They look real enough and the same as the old from what we can tell.


  Believe it or not Zune was/is the second most popular MP3 player on the market hovering from 4-10%. The idea of a new Zune does not bring the excitement of a mockup iPod, but as far as MP3 players go, the Zune is a very competent music player.  The one major downside, no audible support yet.


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The Most Advanced Mac Keyboard Available

Logitech has been making great keyboards and mice for years.  The diNovo Edge for Mac is their newest keyboard and claims to be the most advanced mac keyboard available.  The keyboard is just under half an inch thin.  It boasts a touch disc which acts as the arrow keys as well as a scroll pad.  The keyboard connects via bluetooth directly to any mac, assuming you have bluetooth.  Logitech also says the keyboard has the perfect stroke for typing, providing accurate and comfortable touch to the user.  The keyboard comes with a base station for charging which allows the battery to last for up to a month.  The downside is the price at 159.99 retail.  FOr that, this better be the most advanced keyboard.  Either way it is a great looking keyboard for anyone in need of a bluetooth keyboard.


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iTunes to Bring Subscription Service This September?

 The thought of an iTunes subscription service goes back to 2005.  Today there are rumors of its release along with pricing from three separate sources.  Subscription services such as Napster and Rhapsody go back a few years.  This was great for non-ipod users who use Sansa players or any other drm capable wma player.  The downside was that there never existed such a service for iPod users.  If a subscription service for music came to the iPod it would most likely dominate the music marketplace once again.

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