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Palm Ares SDK Goes Live, In Beta Form

  Palm’s WebOS is having a bit of a rough time gaining momentum with their app store.  Well the new Ares SDK is now here in beta form and for us non-programmers.  You can use the online application to create a WebOS based app without any external tools.  The interface is simple with drag and drop controls.  Try it out for yourself and get building.  You can still use the software based Mojo SDK, but why not give it a shot here first.

[Ares SDK]

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Buy Parallels Get $15 iTunes Gift Card


  Now when you buy Parallels, you can get a $15 iTunes card with it.  If you are not familiar with virtualization software, Parallels allows you to run windows on your mac within a windows and at almost full speed.  You can share files between the two operating systems with drag and drop and run just about any program you want.  If you don’t have this program yet and need to run windows,  this is a great alternative to boot camp.


[Parallels Offer]

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