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New MacBook DisplayPort Prevents You From Viewing Your Content


  You love your new MacBook and you love all things about it.  You legally purchase your movies, tvshows, music and software.  You are enjoying its sleek style and you decide you want to output your purchased movie through the new mini DisplayPort to DVI connector, into a projector to watch with your friends.  You have everything setup correctly and you select a movie in iTunes, click play and instead of the movie, you get a nice DRM message which says "This content cannot be played because a display that is not authorized to play protected movies is connected."  This is exactly what happened to a high school teach who was trying to show a Hellboy 2 clip to his students in a classroom.  The insanity of protected content just reared its ugly head once again, bringing more harm, than good. 

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miShare Copies Songs iPod To iPod Without a Computer

  So you have an old iPod and you have your new iPod just out of the packaging and you need to move all of your songs over, miShare can do this without the hassle of a computer.  This little device lets you attach an iPod to each side of it and then simply transfer a song or albums with the touch of a button.  The one catch is if you have DRM’d songs and you want to move them over to the new device, you have to authorize that iPod with your computer. 

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RealDVD allows Legal DVD Ripping With DRM Aplenty


  On Monday, Real Networks will unveil its RealDVD program.  This allows you to rip your DVD’s and then catalog them with the DVD cover.  You can rip all the DVD’s you want as long as you have space on your hard drive.  The difference which makes this legal as opposed to all the DVD ripping programs people have used for years is that RealDVD keeps the copy protection in tact and then adds another level of DRM.  No idea if they are going to charge for the program yet, if they do, check out handbrake and rip the DVD’s you paid for, DRM free, and continue feeling guilty for watching what you own.


It does have a nice looking interface though.


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