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Amazon Launches Optimized Kindle Store For iPhone


  Today Amazon has announced that it would be optimizing its Kindle Store to make it easier too purchase your favorite book on the iPhone.  While the Kindle app has been out for awhile now, it is not the easiest task to purchase your book of choice from the iPhone itself.  The new optimization should remedy this problem.  See the full press release below: 


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Google Continues to Archive Old Newspapers So We are not Doomed to Repeat


  Google is continuing its effort to archive old newspapers to give us easy access to the days past.  The scanning and archiving of newspapers has been something Google has been hard at work at for 2 years already.  They have been working with the New York Times and the Washington post and are now expanding to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "the first newspaper West of the Allegheny Mountains, to the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph which has been in business for 244 years and makes it America’s oldest paper to still be around.  

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