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Otterbox Defender For BlackBerry Storm – Unboxing & First Impressions


  We take a look at the new Defender Case for the BlackBerry Storm from Otterbox.  The Otterbox Defender Series offers the ultimate in protection from the elements for any device you have.  Definitely check out the video for the details.  Be sure to watch the high quality verison and check back for the full review in a few days.



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Flash Could Be on iPhone Soon


  Adobe has been hard at work lately with its upcoming release of CS4 and Elements 7 and now they have developed Flash for the iPhone.  The catch is we now have to see if Apple approves the app and with all the apps getting rejected as of late, this could go either way.  Adobe did not mention if this is a standalone app or an add in, but it would be nice if it somehow incorporated into safari and was available by 2.2.


[via Flash Magazine]

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Free up Space without removing anything with Slimtool

 SLimtool 1.0 was just released.  "Did you know that a large amount of the space in your system that is being taken up by applications is being wasted? This is due to universal binary applications, created so that one application could run on both PowerPC and Intel systems. Slimtool lowers the size of apps down by stripping those unneeded architectures.

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