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Amazon’s Kindle 2 Leaks Out


  The Kindle 2 has broken out of hiding and confirms the rumors of its existence.  The new Kindle is a nicer form factor with the same size screen as the original.  This version lacks an SD slot and the battery is no longer user accessible.  The display shows the unit has almost 1.5GB of storage left although we do not know how much is already in use.  The Kindle 2 also retains its EV-DO for wireless access and according to the lucky person who has had hands-on with the Kindle 2, it feels slightly heavier, is thinner and is of better build quality.  

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Dodge Unveils EV to Compete With the Tesla


  Now that gas is costing us a fortune and can jump up and down from day to day, electric is looking more and more like the way to go.  The Dodge EV was unveiled a couple days ago, but is a step in the right direction not only for our wallets, but in style.  The Dodge is not that different in style to the Tesla Roadster which has had the media talking for over a year.  The Dodge is slightly larger and offers a 150-200 mile range.  There is no price yet or release date, but Chrysler as a whole, has a bunch (a few more were released) of EV vehicles and it all has to start somewhere.  Now when can I buy one and for how much?


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