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Waterfield Designs Suede Jacket For iPhone – Full Review

 It is not every day that you come across a product designed and manufactured in the USA.  While the thought of products produced in the US have been long  thought surpassed by foreign countries ability, the Suede Jacket tops many in price and quality.  The product is simple, protect the iPhone 3G with a pouch of quality Suede and a separate pouch of elastic nylon for accessories that go with your iPhone.  The trouble with such a simple design is that it needs to have a snug fit, soft material that does not scratch and have the ability to maintain its quality throug

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Video Shows Classic MacOS Running On iPhone


  We are not sure the best use for such an interesting concept as running the classic MacOS on your iPhone, but it sure would be nice along with the Bluetooth Keyboard Hack shown here.  If we could run OS X on our iPhone and then dock it into a monitor for normal everyday use, then we could see this as quite the alternative in the future.  Until we are blessed with such freedoms from Apple, for now we will have to imagine all that could be done.  The catch to running the Classic OS on your iPhone is the need to have a jailbroken iPhone as you would suspect.  See the vide for all the details…

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