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Verizon Employees Getting WebOS Training, Palm Pre and Pixi Imminent

  We all knew this would happen once the exclusivity deal with Sprint came to an end.  Verizon appears to be picking up the WebOS devices very soon.  According to the image above, Verizon employees can watch the 20 minute online training session for WebOS from the 15th of December up until the 4th of January 2010.  This all makes sense when you know Palm cannot possibly survive with just Sprint as their carrier.  Hopefully the appearance of the Pre and Pixi on Verizon will give Palm a boost and make WebOS grasp sustainability.

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Do We Even Want Apple In The Game Console Market?


  Among all the rumors of upcoming products to be expected at WWDC, one we have heard on and off is that Apple is working on another console.  Apple had a sad attempt at the gaming console market years ago with the release or co-release of the Pippin from Bandai.  While they attempted to get into this saturated market back in the day when Sega Saturn and Playstations were all the rage, Apple never stood a chance with the lineup and partner.


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