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Mapi Cases for iPhone 6

We take a look at a couple Mapi cases for iPhone 6. Mapi has some very reasonably priced, hand-made leather cases that are quite nice. Check out the video for all the details and let us know what you think in the comments below....

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Kouros Torque Case for iPhone 5

Kouros is a fairly new case maker who carefully, hand crafts their cases in Portugal.  They were kind enough to send along the Torque case for the iPhone 5 for us to take a look at.  According to Kouros, “Kouros Torque” for iPhone, brings together all the essence of Kouros designs. Through bold lines, we can set apart this unique accessory from all the others. It is the purest representation of what we aspire: all the elegance and irreverence on a single object, with a functional touch to the day-to-day action! Check out the video for the full review and be sure to comment on what you think of the case in the comments below.

Kouros Torque:  http://www.kouroscases.com/en/iphone-5-case-torque

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Vaja Top Flip Case Review

The Top Flip Case for iPhone 5 from Vaja is an Executive Leather Flip Cover hand-crafted from premium leather. The case offers premium leather that surrounds your phone with a hard shell. The cover has a magnetic clasp that...

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