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Top Secret Aircraft Caught In Kandahar

  Everyone loves to see some secret aircraft from our U.S. arsenal.  This picture was caught in by a French photographer and published on his secret defense blog.  Previously this aircraft was captured visually in Kandahar, but in your typical blurry images that lacked any real detail.  The photo seen above is of what is thought to be a UAV or an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Some sites have commented that it appears it may be large enough and show a canopy that you can slightly make out at this angle.

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New iPhone Air Concept Brings Hope To The Future


  A new concept photo shows what could be an iPhone of the future.  The "iPhone Air" as they call it, shows a very slim phone with iChat capability.  Many have wondered why Apple has left out iChat and instead left instant messaging to those of the App community.  We assumed maybe it was due to SMS, but maybe not? Video iChat on your iPhone would be quite a great idea, although we doubt its existence will be anytime soon. The form factor and look of this concept really look Apple-like, and may show what could be coming in the future.  Lets hope at least some of these ideas get implemented.

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Apple Hits 300 Million Apps Downloaded


  Without question, the App Store has been an unbelievable success.  In a mere 5 months since the store entered existence, they have hit the 300 million mark.  It is hard to believe that there would be this kind of success on even an Apple product, let alone anything else in this short time frame.  The great thing about the popularity of the App Store is the capitalistic model can only bring better and better apps for us all to enjoy. With over 10,000 apps now available and that number increasing ever day, Apple is sure to hit 1 Billion next year.

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Amazon’s Kindle 2 Leaks Out


  The Kindle 2 has broken out of hiding and confirms the rumors of its existence.  The new Kindle is a nicer form factor with the same size screen as the original.  This version lacks an SD slot and the battery is no longer user accessible.  The display shows the unit has almost 1.5GB of storage left although we do not know how much is already in use.  The Kindle 2 also retains its EV-DO for wireless access and according to the lucky person who has had hands-on with the Kindle 2, it feels slightly heavier, is thinner and is of better build quality.  

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