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Video Shows Future Hope: iPhone With External Bluetooth Keyboard


  The dreams of Apple allowing us to use an external keyboard with the iPhone have long been passed on as an impossibility due to Apple’s relentless stopping of such devices.  Now someone has hacked their iPhone to allow you to use the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with your iPhone.  The bad part is there is no explaination how to do so just yet and little hope to those wanting such a peripheral to see it come to an un-jailbroken fruition.  We can only hope for such a device, but don’t hold your breath.


See the video [here]

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Get Chinese Censored Internet In The US or Abroad Via Plugin


  If you want to experience what living under a communist regime who controls everything is like, then this plugin is for you.  The China Channel Firefox Add-On is there to raise awareness of what China censors from its occupants.  The add-on, once enabled gives you the censorship of the Chinese internet experience provided by Chinese Ministry of Information Industry.  Hopefully this makes you understand why communism is not a good thing and also makes you appreciate your freedom here in the United States or abroad.  

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