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Fingerworks.com Pulls Products Prior To Apple Tablet Announcement

  Fingerworks.com who was once a stand-alone company, was purchased by Apple about 5 years ago.  Their products were significant in that many of them were intuitive, gesture-based devices made for Apple products.  One of the original Fingerworks.com founders was responsible for the Multi-touch input for OSX and also many of Apple’s multi-touch based patents.  One of the original press releases from Fingerworks, details an interesting interface:

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First Else Shows Off The Intuition OS On Video

  It’s a good thing the Linux based OS is slick and beautiful, because the name is just downright confusing.  Else is the company if you have not been following them.  Intuition is the name of their OS and the name of their first phone is well, First Else.  Now that we have those minor details out of the way, take a look at the video of how the OS works.  The idea is a one handed approach to a very slick Open GL driven interface.  

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