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Firefox 3.5 Now Available For Download


  With the newly released Safari 4.0 and its slew of features it was obvious that Mozilla would be planning something for upcoming release.  Today we have Firefox 3.5 and it brings a new milestone to our web browser wars.  For the first time in browsers, Firefox adds native support for streaming video.  This means no more plugins to run video from the web.  Just open the browser and watch videos until your hearts content.  Mozilla has also improved the speed of Firefox when browsing our favorite sites and has added support for HTML 5.

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Safari 4 Released In A Public Beta


  For the majority of users today it seems they have swayed toward firefox, but Apple wants you to come back to Safari or continue using it both on the Mac and Windows side.  Their new public Beta for Safari 4 is claimed to be the fastest browser there is.  They have also changed the way you can look at the web with a coverflow ad-on and top sites page which is similar to Google’s Chrome.  There have also been some graphical tweaks to where your tabs lie and also an addition to help developers.  You can get the Beta now from Apple.  What are you waiting for?


[Safari 4]

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Apple Allows 3rd Party Web Browsers For App Store


  From the start of the App Store, Apple has been fuzzy on what’s allowed and what is not.  Many developers have strayed away due to Apple not allowing many programs which  "duplicate functionality" of their own apps onto the precious iPhone experience.  Apple is now allowing new browsers and hopefully will give way to Opera, Firefox and others and we can finally get Flash support. For now, this is good news, but we will have to wait and see exactly what Apple allows to go onto its App Store.  Here’s to an even brighter future…

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Cooliris Comes To iPhone and iPod Touch


  Cooliris is now available for free on the App Store for your iPhone or Ipod Touch.  This quality little app allows you to search and watch video from many sources without going to those sights such as youtube, google video, smugmug, etc.  The original Cooliris is an add on for Firefox and Safari and brings a very Mac-Like experience to browsing and watching videos.  This App is much better than the youtube app that Apple provides with the phone.  Definately check it out when you can.



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Firefox and Java Speed boost Make it a Default for Developers

 Due to the speed boost to Java, Firefox has become not only the fastest browser but most likely the default for developers.  The boost is a result of the update to Java already mentioned by cnet.  Firefox now seems primed to have even more specific apps for its browser written as it continues to grow in market share and speed dominance.  This is a result from work with TraceMonkey.  "TraceMonkey is a project to bring native code speed to JavaScript," said Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s interim vice president of engineering, adding that JavaScript performance nearly doubles compared to Firefox 3.0, based on the SunSpider test of JavaScript performance. That speeds up many basic tasks, but it also brings image editing and 3D graphics into JavaScript’s abilities, he said."  This is just more proof that open source is the way to go which brings the overall benefit to all of us.


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Silverlight, Right Goods at the Right Time?

  For Those of you who are not aware, but have been watching the olympics online. This has all been made possible by Silverlight. Silverlight is an application from Microsoft which is basically a competitor to Adobe’s Flash. The main debut for Silverlight is the Olympics. At NBCOlympics.com the site and video is all done using Silverlight. So far it seems to be a solid platform with a seamless interface. I have used it on ie7, safari and Mozilla Firefox with no hiccups whatsoever.

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