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Apple Purchases Lala, Subscription Please?

  This move is significant for Apple, purchase a small fairly successful company that offers a unique approach to music.  If you are new to Lala it is worth leaving this post and heading over immediately to check out. You can purchase songs for 10 cents to listen online or for a reasonable price to buy, usually cheaper than iTunes.  The one thing that makes this service very different is the client that scans your PC or Mac and then allows you to listen to what you already own, imagine that.  

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iTunes Gets Updated With DRM Free Music


  As we suspected, iTunes will finally go DRM free.  Every song will now be 256 kbps AAC encoding as opposed to 128-bit. You can upgrade your entire purchased library to iTunes plus.  This will all be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2009.  They are also allowing music labels to price their own music as they see fit, which makes labels happy, but not all of us.  Either way this is great news, as we no longer have to deal with DRM on music we legitimately paid for.

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New iPod Shuffle Coming In 2009?



  Amongst the rumors coming from the upcoming  2009 MacWorld Expo is the iPod Shuffle.  FBR Capital Markets believe the shuffle to be coming in the first quarter.  In their statement they state, a "new and smaller version" of the iPod Shuffle that may appear some time during the first quarter."  While this may or may not be true, the Shuffle is due for an overhaul despite its very functional and sleek look.  The photo above is an obvious concept, but the shuffle could only be improved upon by adding a screen in our opinion, and the concept gives us an idea of the possibilities.


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Apple Household Adoption Up

  More homes are adopting an Apple computer.  Analysts say this is "driven by positive experiences with Apple’s other products, as well as disenchantment with the Windows world."  Their market shares rose to 10.4% as of the end of the first quarter of 2008.  This is up roughly 3% since last year at the same time.  Analysts also believe this is due in part to the satisfaction or adoption of iPods and other Apple products.  It seems their Apple Stores have helped this along too.  Well if that wasn’t obvious enough, you can hardly move in any of them.  Enterprise adoption also continues to be on the rise.  Up to 4.4% which is double the enterprise adoption from last year.  


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