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iPod Touch Gets A Memory Update Without a Camera


  One of the shockers of the APple event today was that the update iPod Touch was lacking a camera.  The nano gets the camera, but not the Touch?  This was something that was almost written in stone.  Maybe it was due to supply issues?  Either way they gave the Touch a price cut, but added some serious flash memory option which now go up to 64GB.  They also updated the processor speeds inside the Touch.  Th 8GB model is now $199, 32GB $299 and the 64GB is $399.  


[iPod Touch]

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iFixit Takes Apart Another Product – Nintendo DSi


  Most of you who are even interested know that the Nintendo DSi was released this past Sunday.  iFixit has once again decided to show the insides of the new DS to the world.  Some interesting notes about the chipset are:



      Samsung 1st generation MoviNAND KMAPF0000M: 256 MB NAND Flash and MMC controller. The integrated MMC controller allows the CPU to offload the complex work of directly talking to the flash memory.


      82DBS08164D-70L: Fujitsu Ltd 128-bit FCRAM (fast-cycle RAM) chip.


      Nintendo’s custom ARM CPU. Our CPU was manufactured in September of 2008.


To see the full tear down and instructions on doing it yourself go [Here]



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doubleTwist Brings iTunes Functionality to Most of Your Devices


  If you have wanted to use iTunes, but have strayed away from the ever popular iPhone & iPod, doubleTwist is here to help.  The new app, which is currently in public beta, allows you to simply drag and drop your music and video to your device just like iTunes.  The supported device list is quite good right now and looks like the app the various other devices have needed for a very long time.  Watch the video for all the information and check out the other features it offers as well.  See the supported device list after the jump:


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LaCie CurrenKey Brings You A Flash Drive As Good As Money


  The new flash drive from LaCie has combined the styling of money with the convenience and storage of a USB flash drive.  The new CurrenKey comes with 4GB or 8GB of flash memory and is available in bronze or silver.  The drives are available now, starting at $24.99 and up and is larger than a penny at 36 x 9 mm, but certainly adds to the appeal of a flash drive.


[via LaCie]

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