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Apple Allows 3rd Party Web Browsers For App Store


  From the start of the App Store, Apple has been fuzzy on what’s allowed and what is not.  Many developers have strayed away due to Apple not allowing many programs which  "duplicate functionality" of their own apps onto the precious iPhone experience.  Apple is now allowing new browsers and hopefully will give way to Opera, Firefox and others and we can finally get Flash support. For now, this is good news, but we will have to wait and see exactly what Apple allows to go onto its App Store.  Here’s to an even brighter future…

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PS3 Firmware 2.53 Adds Flash Support


  The new update coming soon to the PS3 is finally going to add flash support for the web browser.  The main downfall of all mobile devices and video game systems are the lack of flash, making the internet not quite the same as on our daily computers.  There are also numerous other updates that Sony is adding to 2.53.  The update is coming before Thanksgiving, and will most likely be available tommorow. See the full list below:


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