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iLoome ScreenMate Flex for iPad

The iLoome ScreenMate Flex is a flexible glass screen protector for iPad Air and iPad mini.  It comes equipped with an 8H hardness, oleophobic coating, and impact protection. Take a look at the review for the iPad Air version...

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iLoome ScreenMate FLEX Review

We take a look at the iLoome ScreenMate Flex for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c.  The Flex is a flexible Glass screen protector that prevents scratches and is similar to the iPhone’s glass.  It has a perfect fit and...

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LG Shows Off Their New Flexible E-Ink Display

  LG today let everyone know of their new E-Ink flexible display.  There are a few significant differences from the other displays that have been shown by different companies before.  The major difference is the 19-inch size of the display with dimensions of 250x400mm.  The other difference is the medium in which the E-Ink uses as a substrate.  The normal substrate is made of glass while LG chose to use a metal foil material.  This allows more strength with added flexibility and durability.

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Leaked Black Friday Brochure Shows Apple Deals For All

  Last week we had a vague idea of what Apple may offer this coming Black Friday.  It appears someone has leaked a brochure showing exactly what kind of deals we can expect for our after-Thanksgiving scurry to the store(s).  Among the deals are iMacs starting at $1098, iPod Nano’s starting at $138, MacBook Pro’s from $1098 and iPod Touch’s from $178 among many other deals.  Instead of heading to the mall or wherever your local Apple Store may be, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and click your way to

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