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Rockridge Sound Brings Vacuum Tube Sound For Your iPod


  Rockridge Sound ISR-VT02 brings the classic vacuum tube sound with their new iPod sound dock.  The unit combines two 2x12W speakers and also gives you an AM/FM radio to go along with that classic style and sound.  The only bad thing is the unit is not available in the US at this time.  Although the sound may be classic, we are betting the few who would buy such a unit would not use an iPod anyway and probably prefers the warm tones of a record.


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Zune 3.0 Coming This Fall


  Microsoft just published its official press release about the new Zune’s and the update coming this fall.  The new update allows you to buy music directly from the FM radio built in every Zune.  The new Zune software will create custom channels for each user, based on favorite artists and genres and also learns what you like and provides suggestions and playlists for the user.  The last and most important to Zune users should be they will finally support Audible audio books.  This is good news for the few that have them and adds some interesting features that could be the deciding factor over an iPod, at least for some.

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