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What To Expect Monday From Apple At WWDC


  Since there are so many rumors floating around about what Apple might due at their keynote Monday, I thought I would condense the most notable rumors into one small list.  We hope a few of these come true, but you really never know exactly what Apple is up to until they show us themselves.


 – a cheaper iPhone, with a less expensive limited data plan


 – the showing of Snow Leopard and a release date


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iPhone 3.0 to include tethering, MMS and Copy and Paste?

  We know a new version of iPhone software is coming soon and we have some new details on what that may include. These features are still rumors, but we would think very likely for a revamp of the software that reside on the iPhone.  The first is MMS or Multi Messaging Service, which would finally allow for photos to be sent via SMS, just like every other phone out there.  The second feature we have heard is tethering of which most of know what that is all about, but if you don’t, it allows you to conect your iPhone to your laptop and use its 3G connection.  Thirdly, the illustrious copy and paste may be upon us and avilable with this software release.

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Video Shows Future Hope: iPhone With External Bluetooth Keyboard


  The dreams of Apple allowing us to use an external keyboard with the iPhone have long been passed on as an impossibility due to Apple’s relentless stopping of such devices.  Now someone has hacked their iPhone to allow you to use the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with your iPhone.  The bad part is there is no explaination how to do so just yet and little hope to those wanting such a peripheral to see it come to an un-jailbroken fruition.  We can only hope for such a device, but don’t hold your breath.


See the video [here]

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Mac Tablet Finally Coming Together?


  There has been rumor upon rumor for seemingly years now about a tablet and/or touchscreen-like device coming from Apple, other than an iPod or iPhone.  The source that broke the story says they have had their hands on the Apple prototype and that Apple is now in talks with manufacturers to bring it to fruition.  Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, claims 3 sources have let him in that Apple is planning to release such a device for late 2009.  

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