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Will You Be Getting A Zune HD?


  The Zune has a sympathetic pull on the gadget loving side of me.  While I generally use Apple products, I like the drive of the underdog.  Microsoft knows how to play catchup as we have seen with the Xbox 360 and the great experience many of us have online with our friends.  The real question is will Microsoft hit a home run with the Zune HD?  If you have an iPod Touch then you can guess the Zune HD will have a similar feature set.  The real problem lies in the lack of a hugely successful app store.  I am cautiously optimistic that Zune HD can deliver such an app store, but Microsoft has a vast pocket to draw from.  The marketing power of a company with such monetary resources that far outweigh most companies certainly helps get Zune noticed.  

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Proporta Gadget Bag – Review


  We take a look at the Gadget Bag from Proporta.  As we do more and more reviews we have begun looking for the perfect bag or case for all the gear one has these days.  There are so many options out there we figured we could put an end to the confusion by doing some reviews of the better options out there.  See the video for the details and be sure to check out all that Proporta has to offer.



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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #1 – Blue SnowFlake


  This year there have been some notable goods available for us gadget loving, consuming technologists. We thought we should show some of the notable gadgets and provide a new one every day.  Maybe you could also have it as a mini Holiday Gift Guide or just a reminder to some great pieces of technology this year. 


Today we present you with the Snowflake Microphone from Blue.  The Snowflake provides you with recording and podcasting ability on the go, but with a recording quality better than you would expect from such a portable microphone.  The microphone offers a USB connection (USB cable included) and works as a plug-n-play device on your Mac or PC.  Blue offers some of the best microphones you can buy and the Snowflake is no exception and should satisfy the majority of podcasters out there.  The Snowflake will sit as a standalone microphone or sit on top of your laptop.  When not in use, it folds into itself to provide easy storage on the go. The cost varies depending on the store, but ranges from $57 to $79.

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OLPC Offering Buy One Give One in November Again


  OLPC or One Laptop Per Child has been a going program/platform for a year or so now.  The original start of the program ushered in a deal in which you purchase an OLPC and you get one to give away.  The cost is $400 which covers $188 per laptop and shipping costs.  The program resumes on Amazon on November 17th. So if you still have not given or you just want a neat gadget to play with here is your chance.


[via Gizmodo]


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Samsung Seeks Serious Sandisk Assimilation


  Samsung is thinking over whether they want to buyout Sandisk.  Sandisk is already a giant in the memory market, but they are apparently not happy with that. Samsung is optioning a possible buyout of Sandisk to give themselves world domination of the memory market which could cause severe pain to Toshiba.


"We are looking at various opportunities regarding SanDisk, but nothing has been decided yet," Samsung spokesman James Chung told Reuters"


As if they did not have enough memory in iPods and every other gadget in the world.  As long as the prices stay low,  we’re good…


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Intel Working on Wireless Recharging

  Intel is working on wireless recharging for gadgets, laptops, etc.  The idea would be to have your gadget near the charging point but you would not need any ac adapter.  Intel states "it can broadcast up to 60 watts of power two to three feet with only a 25% loss."  Hopefully in a couple years we will be charging everything universally via wireless.  Check out the full story for the details.


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