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Horizon Fuel Cell Coming To Power Your Gadgets

  The promise of the portable fuel cell has been around for some time.  There has been promise of portable fuel cell technology for some time, but we have yet to see any come to market.  Horizon is promising the release of their fuel cell charger later in 2010.  Horizon is offering small packs to refill the fuel cell once empty that contain Hydrogen which is then converted to electricity.  

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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #2 – Griffin PowerDock


  After this past year and the previous years of collecting iPods and/or an iPhone, you are now faced with a predicament only someone in a wealthy, free nation faces.  This problem is the trouble of keeping all of those gadgets charged without having to create a mess of wires or having to connect every iPod up to the USB port of you PC or Mac.  


This year saw the release of the Griffin PowerDock.  This handy little dock charges all of your iPods and/or iPhone(s) at once, assuming you only have a total of four.  The PowerDock has four separate slots which you can insert your dock connector and charge your prized MP3 player or phone.  The PowerDock is available at many retail outlets and usually costs $49.99 depending on where you purchase it.  This is a great solution to keep wires out of the way, your devices charged, and extend the Apple-like styling to your home.


[Griffin PowerDock]

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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #1 – Blue SnowFlake


  This year there have been some notable goods available for us gadget loving, consuming technologists. We thought we should show some of the notable gadgets and provide a new one every day.  Maybe you could also have it as a mini Holiday Gift Guide or just a reminder to some great pieces of technology this year. 


Today we present you with the Snowflake Microphone from Blue.  The Snowflake provides you with recording and podcasting ability on the go, but with a recording quality better than you would expect from such a portable microphone.  The microphone offers a USB connection (USB cable included) and works as a plug-n-play device on your Mac or PC.  Blue offers some of the best microphones you can buy and the Snowflake is no exception and should satisfy the majority of podcasters out there.  The Snowflake will sit as a standalone microphone or sit on top of your laptop.  When not in use, it folds into itself to provide easy storage on the go. The cost varies depending on the store, but ranges from $57 to $79.

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