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Xbox One Unboxing

After 8 years, Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One is finally here. The Xbox One boasts some impressive specs, and features an all new, improved Kinect sensor. Watch as I unbox the Xbox One and show you everything that...

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In-Game Purchases Come To Free Apps


  Prior to today when you opened an App that you had gotten for free in the app store, you would have to exit in order to purchase the full version of the game.  Apple forbade the purchasing of features and apps from within a free app until they changed their mind as of today.  As the photo above shows, if you download the free version of the Assassin Creed App you can now buy the full version within it.  Either way it is an easier and more convenient way for developers to make themselves a little extra cash at the convenience of the user.

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iPhone 3.0 Apps, Now Have More Options


  Apple seems to be opening up the iPhone quite a bit and will be allowing the use of streaming video, audio and even in-game voie.  They showed off The Sims 3 and it used the iPhone iPod playlist to play music in the background.  TThey also showed off an ESPN app that streams video down due to connection quality.  Does this mean Hulu comes to iPhone, we hope so.


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