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Last Minute News For Apple Tommorow


  Mac Rumors has posted a few details about the upcoming products to be announced.  The New iPod Nano will receive more memory from the current 4 and 8 GB to the now 8 and 16GB.  There will also be 9 colors for the Nano which will include purple, yellow and orange on top of the current colors.  There is some sort of update for the iPod touch , but it does not include more memory.


The event continues to draw near…

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Video of 2 New Nokia Phones N79 and N85 Released


  There have been 2 videos posted of phones just released by Nokia, the N79 and N85.  "The N85 is a slider handset more like the N96 with a 2.6 inch OLED screen. The N85 comes with the N Gage platform and Nokia has pre-installed 10 games based on this platform. The phone has Wi-FiGPS, 5 mega pixel snapper with Carl Zeiss lens and the phone is beefed up with 8 GB of memory. "

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Dell Releases Inspiron Mini 9, Tiny and Cheap


  Dell released their answer to the small pc’s being released by everyone lately.  The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is the latest creation from Dell.  


The small laptop is powered by an Atom Diamondville processor and has a screen dimension of 1024×600. The screen has an LED backlight  and comes in at just $399 for Windows XP and $349 with Ubuntu.


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Nokia Now Shipping N96

  The world’s largest phone maker, Nokia, has begun shipping its new top model, the N96.  The N96 is the replacement for the N95 which is the most capable and somewhat more so competitor to the iPhone 3G.  


The N96 has a 5-megapixel camera, 16 GB of internal memory, GPS navigation and live television support.


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Rogers Extends Current iPhone Data Promotion

  Rogers, the carrier of the iPhone in Canada has just extended their data plan promotion in Canada.  The original data plan came under much criticism for its lack of monthly allowed bandwidth and overpricing.  "As part of those adjustments, due to the customer complaints, Rogers announced a promotional plan for $30 per month that allowed for the transfer of 6 GB of data. It was set to expire on August 31, but the company has now decided to extend it until the end of September."


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