MobileMe iPhone Location and Remote Wipe Up And Running: We Test It Out


  While I was looking at MobileMe today to check some files, I first was greeted with a message telling me the service was down.  I then refreshed and noticed the addition of a button on the side that says "Find My iPhone".  I then clicked the button on the sidebar and it gave me a few options, find my iphone, wipe my iphone, or send a sound or message to the iphone.  I have the 3.0 GM installed through a developer account and so I promptly clicked find my iPhone as I was interested in how well this would work.  After about 20 seconds I was greeted with a message that told me I needed to enable the setting on the iPhone.  After some searching I found the option under mail setting and the MobileMe account.  This is in an obscure place and hopefully will change in the future.  See the photo below:

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