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iPad In-Depth: iPod

The review is out, but many of you want to know more about each little feature of the iPad. We take an in-depth look at the iPod on the iPad. We show you every button and feature as well as how to use the app....

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iTunes 9 Gets Released With Much Needed Improvements


  iTunes 9 is available for download now with a bunch of features that were surprisingly absent for some time. The first feature that has been absent for some time is a home sharing feature.  This allows you to share and transfer files between home Pc’s and Macs.  iTUnes LP gives you a visual experience like that of the old Record Albums (ask your parents).  APple has also redesigned the iTunes Store, and now when you download a movie you get the extras you would with a DVD.  They have also created Genius mixes which searches all of your music and mixes them to match.  There are many other features which are available now for download via software update or apple.


[Download iTunes 9]

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iTunes 8.1 is Now Available For Download


  Apple has released an update to iTunes 8 which improves speed, stability and a handful of other things.  See below for full details.  Apple also released an update for Front Row which makes it compatible with iTunes 8.1.


Tunes 8.1 is now faster and more responsive. You will enjoy noticeable improvements when working with large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store, preparing to sync with iPod or iPhone, and optimizing photos for syncing.

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iTunes 8.1 Should Be Arriving Any Time Now


  With the release of the new iPod Shuffle today and the update available for the Apple Remote app in the picture above, not to mention the numerous sites reporting it, iTunes 8.1 should be here any time now.  According to multiple sources, version 8.1 of iTunes will have a significant speed improvement when dealing with large libraries.  It will also have speed improvements in the iTunes store and faster device syncing.


The Genius sidebar will now include suggestions for TV Shows and Movies and will allow you to import your own CD’s at 256kbps AAC iTunes Plus Format.


Keep an eye on your updates for the arrival of this much improved iTunes version

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Remote App for iPod Touch/iPhone Updated With Genius


  If you have used the remote app from Apple on your iPhone or iPod Touch you know how good it is.  The app gives you the ability to control your entire itunes library remotely.  The albums are displayed on the iPod or iPhone as well as music and everything else.  The new update now brings the new Genius playlists to the remote as well.  The app is free and works just like it should.  The update is available on the iPod or iPhone or through iTunes. 

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iTunes 8 Looks Great! First Impressions


  After the install of iTunes 8 and you agree to the terms, you are presented with the new album view as pictured above.  iTunes then asks you if you want to use the Genius Playlists.  Once you agree to the terms, iTunes downloads your information and now when you play a song it makes suggestions of music to buy on the right sidebar. The new thing it does which is a nice added feature, is the Genius playlists.  Simply select a song and then hit the genius button in the bottom right and it will grab 25 songs it thinks go well together.  In using this for a half hour or so the feature and song selection works very well.


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iTunes 8 Now Available for Download


  iTunes 8 has just been launched at the Apple event and now is available for download, although they are currently updating it and it says iTunes 7.7.  If you click download you will get iTunes 8.  The description of what’s new is in the picture above and includes the new Genius Playlists complete with a new visualizer.


UPDATE:  Apple has refreshed the page and it now Show iTunes 8



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