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Top Secret Aircraft Caught In Kandahar

  Everyone loves to see some secret aircraft from our U.S. arsenal.  This picture was caught in by a French photographer and published on his secret defense blog.  Previously this aircraft was captured visually in Kandahar, but in your typical blurry images that lacked any real detail.  The photo seen above is of what is thought to be a UAV or an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Some sites have commented that it appears it may be large enough and show a canopy that you can slightly make out at this angle.

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You Love Your iPhone, Now Show Everyone Else Just How Much

  You knew something like this would come along at some point.  While walking about, working or going about your daily routine, why not show your love of iPhone or even iPod touch.  You can now sport these very fashionable iPhone/iPod Touch button earrings for everyone to see.  The price is reasonable, but we would imagine that only the absolute die hard fans would want to wear these, no?


Get your set now at [Powerbookmedic] for just $14.95

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Next Gen iPhone Midboard Appears On Chinese Site


  Gizmodo has a photo of what is being called the 4th Gen iPhone.  The photo is of the midboard of a new iPhone of which has a new design than the current offering.  Last time this site showed an iPhone part it turned out to be the 3GS shortly after.  There is reason to believe Apple would want to release a new iPhone soon due to the increase in Android phones.  Either way we know something new is slipping through the cracks at Apple. 

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