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Chumby One Gets A Teardown

  The all-in-one Internet, LAN, Wi-Fi, Alarm Clock embedded, open source device, Chumby One gets the "take-me-apart" treatment for us all to see.  iFixit has one again grasped the latest in technology just to give us a glimpse of what lies within the rounded square that Chumby One is.  Among the many other devices at iFixit, you can see the full teardown complete with specs and information on how to take it apart yourself at iFixit.

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Next iPhone Has Been Spotted Virtually

  The ramp up to the next iPhone always appears to draw more near more quickly each year.  Although noone that we know has had the pleasure of laying eyes on the next iPhone, Pandev has seen the likes of it via an iPhone identifier never before gazed upon.  For example, when the iPhone 3GS was being field tested an identifier of iPhone2,1 was seen in October 2008.  This time Pandev has seen the iPhone3,1 identifier pop up since November of 2009.  Pinchmedia provides ana

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Wired Shows Us What The Future Of Using An Apple Tablet Could Be Like

  So many rumors, yet so little evidence.  This is the truth when it comes to rumors such as the Apple tablet.  At this point we all know that a tablet is supposedly on its way.  The proof lies in the ever building hype around what could only be thought of as vaporware at this point.  Even though we have yet to hear an official Apple announcement, Wired has given us the above video with a glimpse into what browsing on a tablet could be like.  Check out the video and see what the future holds….or maybe not. 

[via Wired]

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The MacBook Pro 17-Inch, Disassembled For All To See


  Finally people are receiving their 17-inch MacBook Pro’s and iFixit is disassembling one instead of using it.  They are being so generous as to allow us to get a glimpse of that new Apple battery that is the 17-inch differentiator, other than its size.  Check out their site and what everything looks like.  That is, if you enjoy that sort of thing like most of us do.



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