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Apple Purchases Lala, Subscription Please?

  This move is significant for Apple, purchase a small fairly successful company that offers a unique approach to music.  If you are new to Lala it is worth leaving this post and heading over immediately to check out. You can purchase songs for 10 cents to listen online or for a reasonable price to buy, usually cheaper than iTunes.  The one thing that makes this service very different is the client that scans your PC or Mac and then allows you to listen to what you already own, imagine that.  

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The New 5th Gen Nano Gets A Teardown


  At this point it just happens to be a given that iFixit will be taking apart all of the newest gadgets coming from Apple.  Now the 5th gen iPod Nano gets the teardown treatment.  If you would like to see just how to take apart and remove all of the goodies that lie inside the new Nano then head over to iFixit for a step-by-step teardown.


[iFixit Nano Teardown]

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