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Apple Drops Its MacBook Price For Students

  Stundents in need of a new laptop are going to have one more reason to lean toward the MacBook.  Apple has dropped the price again for students on the new white, unibody MacBook to $899.  This is not a stripped down version of the MacBook, just a simple price drop for all the shiny goodness that is a Mac.  The cost prior to the drop was only 50 dollars more at $949, but every little bit helps when you are a broke college student.  


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WWDC Sessions Available on iTunes


  As of yesterday Apple has made available sessions from the World Wide Developers Conference for your viewing pleasure.  If you were unable to attend in June, you can now catch up on all you missed.  The one downside to all the WWDC goodness is the price is about the same as attending the conference in person. Each session with run you a slim $299- $499 of your hard earned income.  This could be of value you to you thought if you are in fact a developer.  


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Amazon Releases Kindle App For iPhone


  You want Amazon’s Kindle, but you already have a beautiful iPhone.  The dilemma which has plagued iPhone users for over a year now is over.  Amazon has realized that it would be pure lunacy for them not to release a Kindle app for the iPhone.  This is not just a simple app either, but a full fledge equivalent minus the e-ink and larger screen.  You can purchase books just as you would on the Kindle and enjoy reading for hours on your beloved iPhone or iPod Touch.  Amazon also has included Whispersync to allow you to sync where you left off on your Kindle with where you left off on your iPhone.  This is a win-win for all of us and should make all of us who cannot or will never purchase a Kindle, be satisfied that we have all the goodness of the Kindle in our iPod.


[Kindle App]

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Woot! Finally Gets The Update It Deserves


  The daily deal that is Woot!, has been around for quite some time now.  The site had become old and dated, with not a whole lot to look at other than its deals.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but we in this modern era of web 2.0, going on 3.0, expect more from all of the goodness we find online.  The new Woot! has brightened its colors and become more style-centric to the viewer.  Now we can browse upon Woot!’s main page, blog and community with all the cheer of the bright green it presents.  Thank you Woot! for sparing our eyes and giving us a happy feeling as we gaze upon your glorious pages.



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Universal Digital R50 Remote Eases The Programming Pain


  Universal is in the business of trying to provide the best home theater remotes possible and now they have the R50 which brings their features to the main consumer market.  The R50 runs on two AA batteries and features a fully customizable backlit touch screen, can control up to 18 home theater components, and incorporates an ARM7 microprocessor.  The best part is that you don’t have to connect it to your computer to program it.  The remote holds all the information for all your devices and then some.  If there are updates available, it does feature a usb connection under the battery cover, but out of the box, it supports everything currently on the market.  All of this goodness comes in at a reasonable $149.




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Google Earth Comes To iPhone an iPod Touch


  Now you can have the world in your pocket.  Google has just released Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod touch.  All the goodness of the full version is available on the app store and with the iPhone and iPod touch you can tilt it to adjust your view.  You can browse geo-tagged photos and grab locations from wikipedia articles.  It’s a nice little tool for all of us to find locations and look about the world when we have nothing else to do or are curious about what the world has to offer.



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