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First Else Shows Off The Intuition OS On Video

  It’s a good thing the Linux based OS is slick and beautiful, because the name is just downright confusing.  Else is the company if you have not been following them.  Intuition is the name of their OS and the name of their first phone is well, First Else.  Now that we have those minor details out of the way, take a look at the video of how the OS works.  The idea is a one handed approach to a very slick Open GL driven interface.  

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Tom Tom For iPhone Finally Arrives


  Tom Tom has finally arrived for the iPhone in the United States and Canada.  We saw the app go up for New Zealand just a half a day or so and now the region specific versions are now available.  It’s not all good news though.  The price of the app in the US & Canada is $99, New Zealand is $94.99, Western Europe is $139.99 and Australia is $79.99. 

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Navigon 8100T Gets Released With Nasa Topography


  Navigon has not been in the U.S. as long as others (overseas 18 years), but their newest GPS offering, the 8100T offers something unique and ups the ante on the competition.  Navigon has borrowed from NASA, their satellite topography for accuracy in navigation as well as elevations on the screen, giving a realistic 3D landscape view. The 8100T is the first of the Navigon line to incorporate this technology and offers a 4.8-inch screen which features a panorama view and a housing of brushed aluminum, offering a premium look and feel.  The input offers an iPhone-like touch screen and responds as quickly as you would expect.


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