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Horizon Fuel Cell Coming To Power Your Gadgets

  The promise of the portable fuel cell has been around for some time.  There has been promise of portable fuel cell technology for some time, but we have yet to see any come to market.  Horizon is promising the release of their fuel cell charger later in 2010.  Horizon is offering small packs to refill the fuel cell once empty that contain Hydrogen which is then converted to electricity.  

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New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Gets Released


  During the keynote today Apple released the new, cheaper line of MacBook Pros.  The Unibody MacBook has been renamed to MacBook Pro and the least expensive comes in at $1199 with a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, Built-in 7 Hour Battery, and SD Slot.  


They also released a 15-inch MacBook Pro that comes with only the 9400M Nvidia GPU and instead makes you upgrade to the next level of $1999 with the 9600M and 9400M.


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New MacBook Air Now Shipping To Buyers


  Apple has started shipping out the new MacBook Air to its buyers.  The revision of the MacBook Air includes the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M as well as a choice of  1.6 or 1.86GHz processors.  People who have already received them are reporting they notice a noticable boost in performance due to the upgraded GPU, which takes a lot of the load off the CPU.  The MacBook Air is in a tough spot now that the new MacBook is even that much thinner.  It’s hard to justify the price difference as compared to the new MacBook considering specs and the new aluminum casing.  The MacBook Air has really become more of a niche product than even before.


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Today’s MacBooks Have A Few Confirmations


  The MacBooks being released later today have a few confirmations from Daring Fireball we thought we would share:


1.  The trackpad on the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are indeed buttonless and are interestingly made of glass.

2.  MacBook Air will be updated with a 120GB drive or a 128GB SSD.

3.  MacBook and MacBook Pro will be available with a Glossy-only screen

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