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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #2 – Griffin PowerDock


  After this past year and the previous years of collecting iPods and/or an iPhone, you are now faced with a predicament only someone in a wealthy, free nation faces.  This problem is the trouble of keeping all of those gadgets charged without having to create a mess of wires or having to connect every iPod up to the USB port of you PC or Mac.  


This year saw the release of the Griffin PowerDock.  This handy little dock charges all of your iPods and/or iPhone(s) at once, assuming you only have a total of four.  The PowerDock has four separate slots which you can insert your dock connector and charge your prized MP3 player or phone.  The PowerDock is available at many retail outlets and usually costs $49.99 depending on where you purchase it.  This is a great solution to keep wires out of the way, your devices charged, and extend the Apple-like styling to your home.


[Griffin PowerDock]

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Griffin Clarifi Adds Zoom to Your iPhone


  Griffin has made some interesting accessories for portable music players and now they have the New Griffin Clarifi for iPhone available for Pre-Order.  The new case not only protects the iPhone, but adds a much needed layer of sophistication to the camera of the iPhone.  Griffin has incorporated a lens into the protective backing of the iPhone case which allows better closeup shots.  "Without Clarifi, iPhone requires about 18 inches to focus properly. Slide Clarifi’s lens into place and you can move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and great pictures."


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Griffin Simplifi Rids Your Desk of Clutter with Dock for all


  The new dock from Griffin aims to rid you of the need for multiple docks and memory card readers.  The dock is comprised of the traditional iPod/iPhone dock and supports every iPod model out there.  It also has a built in memory card reader which reads Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, xD and Compact Flash.  The back of the dock acts as a 2 port hub and then connects to your PC or Mac via a mini USB connector.  The price is $69.00 retail and if you wait a little you are sure to find it somewhere for slightly less.  

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