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iTunes 8 Looks Great! First Impressions


  After the install of iTunes 8 and you agree to the terms, you are presented with the new album view as pictured above.  iTunes then asks you if you want to use the Genius Playlists.  Once you agree to the terms, iTunes downloads your information and now when you play a song it makes suggestions of music to buy on the right sidebar. The new thing it does which is a nice added feature, is the Genius playlists.  Simply select a song and then hit the genius button in the bottom right and it will grab 25 songs it thinks go well together.  In using this for a half hour or so the feature and song selection works very well.


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Magnetosphere Found for Download, Prequel to iTunes 8


  With the stories of the new iTunes visualizer possibly being released and being based on Magnetosphere, I thought it might be interesting to try it out.  I went searching for the plugin and found it very hard to find as many reported the file had been pulled.  After some searching for about an half hour, the file was finally found.  It was tested and is quite a step above the current visualizations.  We posted a video of this earlier [Here]

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