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Motion iChat Feature A Possibility With Upcoming iPhones


  Patent requests from Apple continue to provide clues as to where the company may take its iPhone interface in the coming years, such as a new filing which depicts a version of the handset with a front-facing video camera and a software interface capable of adjusting itself for more precise interaction when the user carrying the phone is in motion.


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Video of 2 New Nokia Phones N79 and N85 Released


  There have been 2 videos posted of phones just released by Nokia, the N79 and N85.  "The N85 is a slider handset more like the N96 with a 2.6 inch OLED screen. The N85 comes with the N Gage platform and Nokia has pre-installed 10 games based on this platform. The phone has Wi-FiGPS, 5 mega pixel snapper with Carl Zeiss lens and the phone is beefed up with 8 GB of memory. "

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