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The Official Google Phone, Nexus One

  Most of us have seen this phone already for the past week, and especially when Engadget got its hands on the phone today.  The Nexus One does not differ much from other form factors of Android equipped phones we have seen up to this point.  While there is no HTC mark on it, the phone appears to be from HTC and matches the form factor and build quality of their other handsets.  The hardware remains a mystery as to the exact specs, but the Android 2.1 equipped Nexus One adds some tasty treats to the OS itself.  The app tray now benefits from 3D elements while there is a new added "Grid view" that allows you to see all home screen elements at once.  You also get more home screens for your shortcuts and widgets. 

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Android Just Got Cheaper – Hero and Moment Drop To $100 at Best Buy


  If you happen to be on Sprint or are eyeing a new Android phone, your motivation has just been given a push.  The HTC Hero running the beautiful version of htier Touch UI has just been lowered to a very reasonable $99.  The Samsung Moment, which sports a nice slide out keyboard, but lacks any special GUI for Android, also gets the price cut to $99.  The catch is you have to pick them up at Best Buy with a 2-year contract.  Not such a bad deal if you planned to take the plunge anyway.  There are also no annoying rebates to deal with when picking up these handsets from Best Buy. 


[via Businesswire]

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