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Surface 2 Review

Microsoft’s Surface 2 brought a huge bump in performance and value. The first Surface wasn’t bad, but the Surface 2 takes it to a whole different level. Microsoft has upped the performance to a Tegra 4 processor,...

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PS3 vs PS4: Hardware Comparison

Now that the PS4 is out, I thought we would compare it to the original PS3. I go over the specs, and take a look at the Playstation from every angle. I even show you there removable hard drive in the PS4.  Let us know what you...

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Microsoft Announces The Arc Keyboard

  When you see the word Arc next to Microsoft you usually think of their sleek portable mouse with the foldable curved back.  This time though Microsoft has applied the name to their newly introduced keyboard.  The Arc keyboard has an arch along the spine of the keyboard for more comfortable ergonomics along with a weight of less than a pound.  It connects to your Mac or PC via a tiny USB dongle.  The keyboard will be on sale February 21st, 2010 for $59.95

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Ambrosia Software Offers A Macheist Holiday Bundle

  Ambrosia has just announced a holiday bundle that is good until Christmas day.  MacHeist sent out an email offering the holiday bundle of games and utilities at a savings up to 70% off.  For the gaming bundles you can select three different tiers of gaming ranging from $19 and up to $49.  Each tier gives you more and more games.  For their application bundles you can also get as little or as much as you want with their tiered bundles starting at $59 and going up to $99.  Head over to Ambrosia’s site and check out the bu

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