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Squareup Brings Credit Card Scanner To Your Phone

 Need to accept credit cards, but don’t want the hassle or expense of having that large credit card machine?  Squareup is offering a very interesting solution.  With a simple accessory that fits into the headphone jack on your phone, you can now scan payment cards.  After you have made the sale and scanned the card you can then text or email the receipt to your customer.  Squareup is also donating a penny for every transaction you make to a cha

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Get Your iPhone By Mail Via The Apple Store


  For those of us who had the original iPhone and then waited in line for our 3G, we had to endure a painful 2-step process.  We had to first get the iPhone at AT&T or the Apple store, then we had to go home and activate it.  While this changed a little for the iPhone 3G, it was still painful having to deal with people who did not know how to sell it to us (mostly AT&T), but we now have a better way.  We can get our iPhone directly from the online APple store and have it delivered to our doors.  If you have yet to get your hands on an iPhone and want to avoid the hassle of the salemen(or woman), then head over to Apple’s site and get yours now.



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Apple Q2 2009 – Most Profitable Ever


  While most companies have an issue of profitability and the ongoing slump of sales, Apple has been having the reverse happen as of late.  During their quarterly financial briefing, Apple posted record profits for March with $1.21 billion in profit for a grand total of $8.16 billion in revenue.  While many people have thought Apple products to be too pricey, it appears one too many people have wanted to move away from the tired hassle of Windows and move on to the more stable and design-conscience Mac, iPod and iPhone.    Ok, well Mac sales were down, but the iPod sales made up for it.  If you want the full press release and a breakdown of profits, head over and check it out for yourself.  

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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #5 – Drobo


  If you are still looking for a network based storage solution, look no further.  You have probably heard of the Drobo by now and that is a testament to how good it is.  The Drobo offers you a network based storage solution that not only offers easy accessibility to your files, but takes care of pooling and backing up your data without the hassle of worrying about manual backups.  The Drobo can hold up to four, 4GB drives and then pools those drives into one large storage unit.  If a drive fails, remove it and plug a new one in, and the Drobo will keep you from losing any of that data. It then will re-pool the new drive automatically.  The Drobo also offers features such as an add-on iTunes server, among many other available applications.  If you do not yet have a storage solution or know someone who needs one, Drobo should be at the top of your list.



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miShare Copies Songs iPod To iPod Without a Computer

  So you have an old iPod and you have your new iPod just out of the packaging and you need to move all of your songs over, miShare can do this without the hassle of a computer.  This little device lets you attach an iPod to each side of it and then simply transfer a song or albums with the touch of a button.  The one catch is if you have DRM’d songs and you want to move them over to the new device, you have to authorize that iPod with your computer. 

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