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Steve Jobs Takes A Break Until June


  It is no mystery what Steve Jobs has been through as far as health is concerned.  After his recent letter explaining some of his health issues and why he missed MacWorld, Steve has once again let Apple employees know of his whereabouts.  Lets hope all goes well and he returns as planned.The following is from the letter sent to his employees:



Apple CEO Steve Jobs today sent the following email to all Apple employees:


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Intel Health Guide PHS6000 Brings A Physician Into Your Home


  For the unfortunate people who have chronic health issues, Intel is trying to ease their pain and better serve them, with the Health Guide PHS6000.  The new device bring a physician into your house remotely with a suite of software and video interactivity.  The PHS6000 also alows the physician to monitor current health and data about the patient to better diagnose and treat their patients.  It also allows for critical alerts when a serious issue presents itself.


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