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Casio Releasing 1000FPS Digital Cameras


  Casio is releasing two new 9 megapixel cameras with the ability to record 720p video at 1000 frames per second.  The EX-FC100 (5x optical Zoom) and EX-FS100 (3x Optical Zoom) will allow us to make extremely slow motion videos such as the show "Time Warp" (only slightly slower) and give us high def video to boot.  It sounds like Casio is trying to one-up the competition with features found on more high-end devices.  There is no word on price or release date yet, but if reasonable, these could be a great pocket recording device with some nice features, assuming the CCD or CMOS sensor performs well.

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BluRay Supported in OS X 10.5.6?


  The Rumor mill has started up again and it comes from Kevin Rose of Digg(we all wish we had his source). Bluray support should be built into the next update of Leopard.  Apple has pretty much always backed the BluRay camp over HD-DVD, but has never revealed plans to install the players in its Macs.  

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