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Need A Quality HDMI Cable, but Don’t Want To Pay A Fortune? Check out Optimized Cable Co.

  There are so many cables that we use every day.  There are very expensive cables and then you can get the same cable for a fraction of the price.  The real question is, is the cheap cable any good or better?  When it comes to analog cables, less insulation generally means signal degradation.  With digital cables you normally do not experience signal interference over short distances.  This is questionable over long distances, but either way these cables can be good or bad.

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ZAGG Skins Now Available For Your Device

  ZAGG is known for their very high quality skin that protects almost any portable device against scratching.  They have announced a new skin that covers the back of the device with a print of your choice.  You can also customize the print to whatever you would like and ZAGG will make it and send it your way for a very reasonable price.  The best part about the skins is they do not have to be applied wet and can easily applied and then taken off whenever you would like.  Check them out now and get %50 off with their release promotion.

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Ostendo Curved Monitor Comes To Market

  For the ultimate in viewing pleasure a large flat screen is no longer enough.  The once concept Ostendo monitor is now available for all to purchase.  The monitor does away with the need of three different displays and instead brings a seamless curved representation of what once was flat and seperate.  The quad DLP display puts out a quality 2880 x 900 resolution followed with a high quality price tag.  If you’ve got to have the display you will have to dish out a whopping $6499.  The company has actually been selling these displays since August to Simulation

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Waterfield Designs Releases New Case For Unibody MacBook


  The new Unibody MacBook case from Waterfield Designs offer a high-grade neoprene and is wrapped in ballistic nylon.  If you have not heard of the the company I would urge you to check them out.  Their prices are very reasonable, very high quality and made in the USA.  The prices start at $39 and can vary depending on the options you choose.


Over 65 different sizes. Proper protection starts with a proper fit. Our San Francisco sewing shop churns out a dizzying array of sleeve sizes in 1/2" increments to ensure a custom fit for your specific laptop.

Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a ballistic nylon shell, our SleeveCases function as a stylish stand-alone laptop case or can be inserted into another bag. And no need to take your laptop out of its snug compartment when going through airport security—it’s TSA Checkpoint Friendly. And, if you don’t see your manufacturer, contact us! We’ve got your fit. It’s a slam dunk.


[Waterfield Designs – Laptop Sleeves]

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Waterfield Designs Now Shipping Zune HD Cases


  Waterfield design is now shipping their Suede Jacket for the Zune HD.  The case is made in the USA and offers a very reasonable price of just $9 or $13 with a side pocket.  The case is made of high quality suede and keeps the thin form factor of the Zune while keeping it protected from scratches.


"Keep ’em together. It doesn’t get thinner than this! This Ultrasuede® slipcase prevents scratches on your Zune HD, and the elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty and stretchy enough to hold your earbuds safely. Low profile slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket. Perfect fit for your Zune HD. Available with or without the new pocket."


[Waterfield Designs – Zune HD Suede Jacket]


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Palm Pre Gets Its First Review – It’s Good


  Most people who have an iPhone or do not have an iPhone have enormously high expectations for the Pre.  I don’t know of a single person who wants to see Palm fail and for their sake I hope the Pre keeps them going for years to come.  Boy Genius Report was lucky enough to be able to put the Pre to the test.  Basically it is everything people want and expected.  The screen is high quality, the device is small, the OS is intuitive and user friendly and it even Syncs with iTunes.  Th one downfall seems to be the very tiny keyboard.  We would assume that anyone could eventually get used to it, but the reviewer here said it was small to the point where his thumb covered 3 keys at a time.  Overall though I think this should be a great rebirth of the Pre brand.  Now if they could come to AT&T and Verizon, their chances would be that much better.

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Otterbox Defender For BlackBerry Storm – Unboxing & First Impressions


  We take a look at the new Defender Case for the BlackBerry Storm from Otterbox.  The Otterbox Defender Series offers the ultimate in protection from the elements for any device you have.  Definitely check out the video for the details.  Be sure to watch the high quality verison and check back for the full review in a few days.



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