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Steve Jobs Is Doing Well…Relax


  The fear of anything from Steve being close to death or already no longer with us has been a topic of wide appeal for 2008.  Steve Jobs has finally put to rest (no pun…) the demise as himself as the CEO of Apple and has also been kind enough to present us with a letter of what has been going on with him.  


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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #4 – Microsoft BlueTrack Explorer Mouse


  This mouse is the best mouse I have ever used, period.  I am not just saying this because of the BlueTrack technology, but because after a few days since the unboxing/review we did on this site, the mouse has proven to offer unrivaled comfort and precision in my opinion.  The mouse is very comfortable for extended use, battery life is good, and tracking is the best I have used on any mouse.  If you are in need of a mouse this holiday season, the BlueTrack Explorer is the one to get.


[BlueTrack Explorer]

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MacUpdate Holiday Promo, 10 Apps for $49


  Mac Update has a new deal for this Holiday season.  They are offering 10 applications for $49 and the first 5000 also get an 11th app, iDive.  This is a great deal if you need some apps for virus, diagnosis or optimization.  See the list after the Jump.  

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Get A PS3 For $150 Off With A New Visa

  Hopefully the economy is not affecting you, and if not, you can take advantage to the downside of the economy by applying for a new Visa.  Along with this new Visa, you get the ability to buy a PS3 for $150 off.  If you were looking for a PS3 or just a good Blu-ray player for this Holiday season, then this is your deal.


[Apply For Visa]

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