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Apple Now Showing Off HTML5 and CSS3


  Safari 4 has been out for a week or more now and you eigther love it or you have gone back to Firefox at this point.  The one thing not mentioned much is that Safari 4 supports HTML5 and CSS3.  HTML 5 now allows support for audio and video tags, which in turn allows much easier video and audio integration into ones website.  CSS 3 is also being supported by the browser which allows dynamic shadows and reflections within the browser itself.  Lets hope Apple touches more on this during the March 24th event.


For an example of HTML5 and CSS3, see Apple’s very quick demo [here]

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Quake Coming To App Store In A Few Days


  Quake has long been available for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches, and now it is making it ways to un-jailbroken devices via the App Store.  The game was submitted and the process takes a few days to clear through Apple.  There is a catch to this though, if Apple decides not to allow the game it could prevent it from becoming available to all of us.  There is however, no reason it should not be allowed as id software has previously made Quake 3 available under General Public License

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